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Hamlet vs Faustus issues 1 to 3

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It’s been a while between posts, as Anthony and I have been rather busy with something something excuse excuse violin violin blah blah. Also, I’ve been cheating on Slings and Arrows with my old blog Brazzavillians, now revived after a year or so out of action.

To help tide over our readership (which is to say, each other) until new content is produced, I thought I’d exploit this outlet to post issues of my old comic Hamlet vs Faustus (mentioned several times in the past on this site) online. It’s Shakespeare, so it’s relevant right? Right?

What it isn’t, however, is good. Or at least these first few issues aren’t. I was trying too hard to be Alan Moore, when really I have the comic book writing skills of Roger Moore (not to mention the suave gentleman spy aura of Alan Moore). Plus the scanning isn’t particularly good, especially on the covers to the first couple of issues. Still, take a gander if you’re interested. Anthony seemed to enjoy them. I’ll post more issues in the near future, and in the meantime, here are the first three…

Hamlet vs Faustus issue 1

Hamlet vs Faustus issue 2

Hamlet vs Faustus issue 3




April 29, 2013 at 10:22 am

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