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… aaaaand we’re back.

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Geez, mea culpa.

Too long without posting here indeed. I apologise. Forgive me, but I’ve been rather busy with things and while our ‘year of Shakespeare’ looks to become years of Shakespeare, there are a number of reasons for my distraction. Let’s have a look.

First, cheers to Ben for the congratulations on Justice Squad (and for those wondering from Ben’s last post, yes, his character ‘Speedo-man’ is exactly what it sounds like). I co-wrote Justice Squad seven years ago with friends in an attempt to make a feature length mockumentary about Australian superheroes. After many years, director Dan Lawrance has brought the film to completion.

Justice Squad recently premiered at Oz Comic-Con here in Melbourne, and will debut in the United States at Gen Con Indy in a couple of weeks. The film has also screened at Av Con in Adelaide, soon have its official SA premiere at the Barossa International Film Festival in October. There is also an exciting WA premiere soon to be announced, hopefully with NSW and Queensland dates to follow. The film was a labour of love, a cheap and cheerful tribute to the things we enjoyed growing up. So for fans of independent film and superheroes, go check out the Facebook page.

Second, I write a steampunk pulp adventure comic for good friend and illustrator Chadwick Ashby. This comic, titled Aviator Gold, has been something of a learning curve but the first half of our debut story is coming together and there is now a site and Facebook page for news and progress reports. So if you like steampunk, fighter jets, dragons, milkshakes and kung fu, then you shouldn’t hate this book entirely.

To be honest, 2013 looks to be an even bigger year with more personal projects in development. Whilst these books and films are often more Titus Andronicus than Hamlet, they do steal some of my otherwise Shakespeare-intended time. After all, writing about an author should really come second to writing as an author (I know for a fact Ben’s been busy getting a book out as well). Given the title of this blog, we knew reading and reviewing the works of William Shakespeare was not going to be easy, but we continue, no matter the outrageous fortunes along the way.

Coming up soonish, fingers crossed, some thoughts on King Lear and our second part in a larger overview of Shakespearean tragedy, with liberal measures of obligation and procrastination in between.




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