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Make a stand… write nothing…

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Those few who actually visit this place from time to time may have noticed that it’s been a couple of months since I myself have posted any new reviews. I particularly congratulate those observant individuals who correctly guessed that my reluctance to post any write-ups was not due to the distraction of the silly season, but in fact an intentional demonstration against the powers of the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation.

Yes, Wikipedia went black, Reddit shut down and I didn’t post anything on Shakespeare. Given my fondness for Occupy as well, I am apparently drawn to social causes which can be supported by abstaining from work. I’m sure the internet’s hurting as a result. Take that United States of fascism!

Seriously, it is my firm conviction that the internet is not a publishing platform, but a new form of society which is primarily Socialist in nature. Sure, there’s plenty of business taking place, but it’s optional and not the status quo. The best stuff online (information, debate, friends, Maru, etc), is open to all and will remain that way. Any legislation that empowers governments to shut down parts of this new society for something spoken, shared or stolen, should be opposed.

The horrid precedent of online censorship, while certainly tempting, is no reasonable response to the slipping revenues of the entertainment industry. It’s overkill, on a Richard III or Macbeth scale. In Elizabethan terms, it’s akin to burning down a village because a pauper cursed the aristocracy or stole a loaf of bread.

So now that I’m back on board and not so snowed under… I mean, now that I have made my point regarding this worrying piece of legislation, we shall continue.

Up next, a conversational overview of tragedy and structure…


P.S. There’s thorough info on SOPA and PIPA on Wiki here, crowd-sourced and free… when it isn’t blacked out that is…



February 17, 2012 at 3:59 am

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